It's a campsite that you can easily get to, and is also a spot for the spectacular scenery of the sunset.

It's a campsite that you can easily get to in about 30 minutes by car from Sapporo. Even though it's a lake, it is a small artificial lake. There are playground equipment such as slides and swings, which kids can enjoy on the shore, and you can also enjoy playing with water there. It is a park with a laid-back atmosphere that makes locals feel like coming to for a walk. The lake is a habitat of large Japanese crucian carps, and you can also enjoy fishing. In addition to the tent site, there are 6 bungalows which are equipped with basic campsite facilities such as a water place, toilets, and hot showers (only for guests staying in the administration building). There is also a farmer's market next to the administration building, so you can collect ingredients locally too.

Mie-Lake Park Camp Site