The blessings of the seabed, which is gushing up, and reminds us of ancient times.

Banya no Yu, which became a hot topic even by the appearance of capybaras taking a bath. "Fossil Seawater", which has grown with ancient seawater pumped from several hundred meters underground, makes it hard to feel cold after taking a bath, heals the tiredness of the day, and warms your body from the core. The silky brown hot spring is rich in sea minerals, and its spring quality is sodium chloride strong salt spring. The rare "Fossil Seawater" hot spring can be effective for skin beautification, poor circulation, atopic dermatitis., joint pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, and fatigue recovery. You can enjoy a variety of hot springs such as a high-temperature bath, a low-temperature bath, and a jacuzzi as well as an open-air bath where you can feel the sea breeze of Ishikari Bay. The dresser room, which is also equipped with facial equipment, is appealing to female customers. The rest area for after taking a bath with plenty of meals. The accommodation facility is limited to only 10 rooms, and all the rooms have ocean views. The Japanese-style set menu meal that changes depending on the season with freshly cooked Kamado Rice is a privilege only for guests who stay the night. You can spend a relaxing and luxurious time by soaking in the hot springs while viewing the scenery.

Ishikari Hot Spring Banya-no-Yu

  • 【Address】51-2 Bentencho, Ishikari
  • 【Business Hours】10:00~24:00
  • 【Parking Lot】Available for 150 cars
  • 【Official website】https://banya-no-yu.com/
  • 【Contact Us】0133-62-5000