Both kids and adults can be very satisfied with the snow festival. The beautiful fireworks that color the winter sky are breathtaking.

The winter big event of Tobetsu Town, "Asoyuki Square″, themed on interaction of parents and kids, is held in mid-February every year. It features events for kids such as experience events of snowmobiles and horse sledding, kid's fairs, and kid's rice cake making, etc. There is also a food section offering meals that use local ingredients. The place has a relaxing atmosphere where families can spend time comfortably. Kids are happy with playing the snow slide because there is no long queue unlike a snow festival in a big city. The experience of riding on a vehicle is also a very popular event, where you can enjoy a valuable experience. The even is cooperated by the Self-Defense Force, and held annually. The hight is beautiful fireworks that color the winter night sky. Usually fireworks remind us of summer, but fireworks look even more beautiful in winter because the air is clear. "Asoyuki Square″ is a popular event, where both kids and adults can enjoy. Please visit the event!

Asoyuki Square

  • 【Address】Motomachi, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】http://portal.town.tobetsu.hokkaido.jp/town/fika/mg586t00000003en.html
  • 【Contact Us】0133-23-3129
  • 【Notes】* Due to the impact of COVID-19, etc., the event may be canceled or its content may be changed this year.