Coming from the sea is one of the more interesting ways to approach Shukutsu,
with a 20 minute boat ride that lets you take in the salt breeze and majestic view

For the second day, go towards Shukutsu, once a hub of herring fishing. You can go by car as well, but a boat trip is more entertaining. The Otaru marine tourism boat Aobato lets you enjoy a taste of boating trips while watching the Otaru streets and Mt. Shokanbetsu. From Otaru port to Shukutsu port is a 20 minute trip, with 5 round trips per day. The seating inside is spacious, giving you a relaxing journey. There’s also the Otamoi route, spanning about an hour with two round trips per day between Otaru and Shukutsu port (3 round trips during summer holidays and days off). It offers an incredible view of the Niseko Shakotan/Otaru Coast National Park’s rows of cliffs. Try to be ready 15 minutes before boarding, or a little earlier during crowded periods like holidays. Alternatively, a reservation will let you take it easy.

Otaru marine tourism boat Aobato

  • 【Address】4-4 Minatomachi,Otaru(Otaru Port Tourism Boat bBoarding Area)
  • 【Business Period】 April 23, 2022 - October 16 For sailing times, please check the official site.
  • 【Regular Holiday】No breaks on sailing (may stop depending on conditions at sea)
  • 【Parking Lot】Parking area near Otaru port boarding area (15 cars), none near Shukutsu port.
  • 【Official website】https://otaru-kankousen.jp
  • 【Contact Us】0134-29-3131
  • 【Map Code】493 690 712*43