A roadside station where you can feel the openness and surrounding nature, enjoying eye-catching Eniwa-made cosmetics and sundries, and savouring gourmet meals made with local ingredients

Road and riverside station Flower Road Eniwa sits at the intersection of the busy route 36, and the river that salmon climb up. The bright and wide-open interior lets you take in the surrounding flowers, greenery and river, and provides food and sundries unique to the local Eniwa area - it’s popular not only with tourists but with local people as well. The must-tries are the special curry at Pork Powder Snow Skillet Curry, made with Eniwa ranch pork; the Enipan bakery that makes over 40 breads from local ingredients; TEA STAND goasis which sells a selection of tapioca drinks and more, and Ra-no, a store which sells a selection of Eniwa-made natural soaps. The souvenir corner offers sweets made using Eniwa’s speciality, the Ebisu pumpkin!

Road and riverside station Flower Road Eniwa

  • 【Address】817-18 Minamishimamatsu,Eniwa(Along National Route 36)
  • 【Business Hours】9:00-18:00 (April to October) * Until 17:00 for November to March. * Enipan is open until stock runs out * Pork Powder Snow Skillet Curry (Skillet Curry Konayuki Tonton in Japanese) has its last order 30 minutes before
  • 【Regular Holiday】12/31~1/2
  • 【Official website】https://hanaroad-eniwa.webnode.jp/
  • 【Contact Us】Farm and animal produce stand Kanona: 0123-36-2700 Shop・Food・Bakery 0123-37-8787
  • 【Map Code】230 220 352*81