A vast panorama with nothing in the way. A view of a snowy Hokkaido town from the observation room of the produce hall.

The Namporo Hometown Produce Hall Bureau stands in the middle of Namporo as a base point of tourism information, and sale of Namporo specialities. The observation room on the 5th floor gives you a 360 view of the town. Since there are no tall buildings around, the view is a refreshing, massive panorama. After it snows, the view becomes a magical white-covered world. The building also offers a light meal corner with mutton barbecue, ramen using Namporo’s own cabbage kimchi, and more. There’s also an area selling local specialities, such as parilla juice, tomato juice, mushroom products and the hit Namporo Cabbage Kimchi.

Namporo Hometown Produce Hall Bureau

  • 【Address】1-chōme-2-22 Chūō,Namporo, Sorachi District
  • 【Regular Holiday】New Year holidays (12/31-1/3) Light meal corner: Every Wednesday
  • 【Official website】http://www.town.nanporo.hokkaido.jp/sisetuannai/sisetu_012/
  • 【Contact Us】011-378-7010(Namporo Town Tourism Association Special Sales Office:011-378-7020)
  • 【Map Code】139 198 867*11