Sapporo's Annex. A hot spring village in a beautiful valley.

Jozankei hot Springs is called an annex of Sapporo and loved by locals of Sapporo. It's accessible and just takes about 40 minutes to get by car from central Sapporo. The spring quality is colorless, transparent, sodium chloride spring that features mellow saltiness. It warms you from the core of your body. There are 56 hot spring sources, and most of them are concentrated near Tsukimi bridge and Takayama bridge on Toyohira River which runs through the hot spring town. Hot water of 60 to 80 °C springs out from cracks in the bedrock of the riverbank and the bottom of the river, and the amount of hot water springing out is 8,600litersper minute. Jozankei is also famous as a scenic spot. You can meet beautiful scenery during each season, such as Futami Suspension Bridge, Shiraito Falls, Yunotaki, and the Pool of Maizuru. A variety of elaborated seasonal events are also held. You can fully enjoy nature with plenty of experience-based activities such as rafting, canoeing and horse trekking. There are many spots where you can enjoy footbaths in the hot spring town such as Jozankei Gensen Park. It's recommended that you spend a relaxing day by walking in nature or soaking in the footbath while viewing the scenery.

Jozankei Hot Springs

  • 【Address】Jozankei Onsen higashi 3-chome,Minami-ku, Sapporo
  • 【Official website】http://jozankei.jp/
  • 【Contact Us】011-598-2012(Jozankei Onsen Tourist Association)