The hot spring town and forest are colored by illuminations and projection mapping.

After 150 years since Jozankei hot springs opened in 1866, “Jozankei Nature Luminarie” was born in 2016. The event was created to enable people to enjoy the richness and charm of the nature on this land that we are proud of. The event that colors the hot spring town and forest with illuminations and projection mapping is produced by a Japan's leading creative company, “NAKED” which has worked on 3D projection mapping at Tokyo Station and such. You will be fascinated by the fantastic beauty of nature scenery such as the river of light, the suspension bridge colored with flowers, the bench surrounded by grains of light, and the trees and rocks that emerge brightly in the jet-black forest. The whole process that you can enjoy in about 20 minutes is free of charge! You can see stunning illuminations in various places such as footbath facilities in the hot spring town during this period. The night of Jozankei colored with mysterious lights. Why don't you relax in a yukata and enjoy the collaboration between the valley and the light?


  • 【Address】4 Jozankeionsennishi, Minami-ku, Sapporo
  • 【Business Period】June-October
  • 【Business Hours】June-August / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, September-October / 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • 【Fee Admission】Free admission (for guests only in 2022)
  • 【Official website】https://jozankei.jp/luminarie/
  • 【Contact Us】011-598-2012(Jozankei Onsen Tourist Association)
  • 【Notes】(Venue)Futami Park - Futami Suspension Bridge